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Everyone knows that owning the right domain names online can make or break any online venture, but what about you personally? There is a movement right now to own your own first name, such as, as a web domain.

You could use it for email address purposes, you could use it to name your own personal business or service, you can use it to publish your own blog, and do a lot of other things with it.

It is no secret that employers have been using Google searches to find out what their potential employees have been doing on their off time, but anymore, it seems that what most people don’t know is that their online presence can actually affect their employment chances in a positive way.

You see, while potential employees do search for bad things that might be in your past, they also search for the good things that you have done. While no web presence might be better for you than for a negative one, a positive one is even better! So, owning your own name, such as, as a domain name is a very, very good idea for several reasons.

For one, you can use it as a sort of online resume at You can post things like basic skills, degrees, and work history so that potential employers can look it up. In this way, you can actually forego the entire resume process (depending upon what job you are looking for) in some cases, and actually just use this new online resume instead.


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Posting blogs and hosting an email account at Eustacio .com is also a good idea, because this can give prospective employers a connection to you that can give you a definite edge over your competition.

As an example, picture this. There are two men. The first man is your normal, average guy. He has a good resume, and is applying for a job. He goes to his interview, hands over his resume, and talks to the boss for about an hour. Then, he leaves. After he leaves, the boss searches the internet for information on him as a prospective employee. All he finds is a myspace page, and on it he finds pretty much everything he already knows, although he also finds out that he enjoys playing guitar and partying!

Now, the second person. This person has a resume, an hour long interview, and a website with a domain named after them (such as Eustacio .com). So, this goes in, hands over their resume, and also has an hour long interview with this prospective employer.  But, unlike the first man, this individual has a domain that is working for them because a Google search brings it up right away. This helps person #2 because the employer actually sees positive feedback for this person on the internet.

So, as you can see, having your own personal domain that is named after you can really have some great advantages!

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